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San Diego Water DamageThe effects water damage has on your property and the health of you and your family is often grossly underestimated. If your home and possessions are affected by water damage it's crucial to call us immediately to limit the extent of the problem. For example, if standing water is left alone, it can undermine the structure of your property, as well as ruin your furniture and furnishings. There is an even more insidious danger and that is the potential health hazards to anyone living in the house. Water damage can lead to mold and fungus which in turn can cause respiratory and other health problems.

We provide one of the best professional San Diego water damage restoration services and we recognize that speed can be of the essence when dealing with this type of issue. If you have a water damage problem contact us without delay – we will respond immediately. Our first task once we arrive at the scene will be to conduct a thorough inspection of the damage to to determine the level of damage and take the next appropriate steps to limit any further damage.

Water damage situations in the San Diego area can have several possible causes. The three main types of water damage that can arise have been called  clean, black, and gray. Here is a brief explanation of these categories.

Clean water, as its name suggests, is relatively free from contaminants and most often results from a burst pipe or other plumbing problem in the home such as an overflowing bath or basin. The damage caused by clean water is not normally as serious as the other two categories of water damage.

Next on the list is gray water. Examples of gray water are overflows from toilets or machinery such as dishwashers and washing machines. Aside from the damage that can be done to property and belongings, gray water carries a lot of contaminants and is a health hazard.

Probably the worst type of water damage and the most dangerous to health is the type of water that is labeled black water. This is water that has come from a river in flood, a damaged sewage pipe or from ground water overflow. Black water carries with it a high level of contamination by bacteria and fungi and is a very real threat to health. We are experts in handling San Diego flood damage and can deal with black water for you.

Probably the most typical result of water damage is the growth of mold. If it is allowed to get out of hand it can pose a real threat to the health of anyone living in the house. This is why our San Diego mold removal service should be consulted at the first sign of this problem.

No matter what kind of water damage you have suffered, San Diego water damage restoration services are ready to help. We have the expert knowledge required to limit any damage to the minimum. Don’t put off dealing with water damage, call us today.


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